At Concord’s AG Day September 11, the Rotary Club of Concord spread the word about its role in installing the water fountain and, in partnership with the Garden Club of Concord, new landscaping at the Veteran’s Memorial and the USS Concord Bell Park. The installation marks the completion of Rotary projects at this site including the installation of the USS Concord Bell, a memorial to Medal of Honor recipient Lt. Thomas J. Hudner and upgrades to the area. At the booth, Rotary displayed many of its local and international projects. 
Following the Rotary Club's 9.11 20th anniversary presentation of the Al Filipov Award to Concord's Fire and Police Departments, Rotarians headed to town to set up the tent and booth by The USS Concord Bell Park on Main Street in Concord Center. 
With the Rotary-funded water fountain behind, and surrounded by the lovely flowers and landscaping the Concord Garden Club had installed, Rotarians spoke with many members of the community looking to learn more about Rotary. 
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A display of photos of recent projects attracted questions, and Club members enjoyed the opportunity to spread the word about the important work the Rotary Club of Concord is doing. A refreshed brochure and membership applications were available. Children loved the free frisbees, while water bottles and baseball caps were available to all.  
Thanks to Dave, Ingrid, Jeanne, Jean and June, volunteers for staffing the booth
Photos:" The Booth."  A biking couple filled their Rotary water bottles at the new fountain.