On April 14th, Concord Rotarians Karl Kussin, Chris Alphen, and Leigh Ann Crimmings met along Cambridge Turnpike in Concord to clean up the road.  This long-standing annual service project felt a bit easier this year, as the area didn't look as littered as it has in the past.  Perhaps this was due to the many years we have been participating in this project.  Or maybe there is a shift in society for the better that keeps people from littering as much as they used to.  But still, we filled up 5 large trash bags with debris, keeping all that trash out of the wetlands along the Mill Brook and Crosby Pond!  
This simple service project is something that means so much and makes such a big difference.  And although there were only 3 of us out there today, it is my hope that we will inspire others to do their part as well.  
I would challenge all Rotarians, and all non-Rotarians to participate in cleaning up their environment and doing their part.  Imagine if everyone who walked the beach in the summertime filled a small, plastic shopping bag with litter.  The beach would be pristine, the wildlife safer, and the water less polluted.  Of course, this could also be done while walking in the woods, or even on city streets.  It is the simplest of service projects that takes no planning or organization and can be done with just one person - or any size group of people.  Sending my sincerest thanks to anyone who will join me, wherever you may go!  When we collectively take baby steps, we can move mountains (of trash)!
Yours in Rotary Service,
Leigh Ann Crimmings,
President, Rotary Club of Concord