Emerson Hospital
Concord, MA  01742
United States

Please attend our club's all-important Visioning session. See the explanation below. A simple meal will be served, and the time will fly by. Your ideas will make our club stronger, more focused and rewarding for all.

Visioning is a process that helps clubs by providing a vision for the future of the club and beginnings of a written plan that promotes consensus, consistency and continuity.  It allows club members the opportunity to dream about what their club could become; and helps to renew everyone’s commitment to focus on what they can do to make the club even better than it already is.  The overall goals of Visioning are as follows:  sustain and increase membership, implement successful service projects, support the Rotary Foundation, and develop leaders in the club and beyond 

The simple act of writing down long-term goals (strategic initiatives) in a group setting builds camaraderie and fosters agreement on a vision. The challenge to the visioning process is how to gather so many ideas (the dreams) and opportunities for the future from a group of 15 to 30 people and condense it to the most important goals determined by that club (consensus), all within a very limited time frame. This is where an outside, neutral team of trained Rotary facilitators can make the difference. Self-facilitating any process brings limited success as all facilitators are too close to the process. A neutral team of Rotarians understands both the big picture of how Rotary works in the world today as well as how a facilitator should remain neutral. This skill set is the best service we can offer to the visioning process.