It’s a party! Our Rotary Holiday Party in person again! We gathered at the Colonial Inn, where we enjoyed the beautiful holiday setting. Official business included the awarding of Paul Harris Fellowships to Steve Kirk and Jeanne Amocida. Jeanne A. and Richard Warren received official recognition for their devoted (and delicious) work for Open Table, Our singing skills were, well, fairly OK…thanks for the song sheets, Hilary. Jean Goldsberry introduced a movie quiz…”If a movie were being made about you, what would it be called and what star would play you?” Great ice breaker!  With some very amusing answers. We enthusiastically applauded our long-time waiter James, who gratefully accepted a cash gift from the Club. We took our prizes, candy favors and full hearts as we bid farewell, singing the traditional Auld Lang Syne. (See Holiday Party 2022 Photo Album in right hand column)