At the Sept. 7 meeting of the Rotary Club of Concord Filmmaker Marion Abrams shared a short segment of her documentary "Flood Bound" and reflected on a small town's experience after a disaster. Abrams was living in Pittsfield Vt. when Tropical Storm Irene flooded the town of 500, destroying homes and completely cutting it off from civilization. Pittsfield had no power, no phone service, nothing...for many months. Abrams' film demonstrates what we now find happening again...that "first responders" are the neighbors who show up to help...right away. They know what is needed and how to help. Speaking of how to help, Rotarians found a way to achieve the audio for Abram's documentary when her speakers would not work...they simply moved the podium and mike closer to her computer. Here she is, acknowledging the applause for an inspiring and timely presentation.