"Don't Retire- Volunteer"  Sage advice from Aug. 22 speaker, Past President Ann Trudeau. After retiring early, Ann did not waste a second getting involved in important projects, among them 2Volunteer at Concord Carlisle High School. 2Volunteer is an organization that facilitates the the connection between the volunteer needs of our communities and the students' interests. Among other things, 2Volunteer helps students track their volunteer hours to assist them in obtaining the 40 hours required for graduation. (Many students far exceed  this minimum.) Ann helped organize Concord's Interact Club at CCHS. Currently the bulk of Ann's time and energy is consumed by her dedication to The Sharing Foundation, where she has served for over nine years and is the current president.  The Sharing Foundation was started by local pediatrician Nancy Hendrie, and has grown in its outreach to orphaned and disadvantaged children in Cambodia to include an orphanage, schools, health programs, a farm, and village improvement projects. Rotarians may sponsor Sharing Foundation students, and are encouraged to host speakers from the Sharing Foundation to spread the word about the great work of this organization.