Oct. 29th's speaker was Anke Voss, Curator of Special Collections at the Concord Free Public Library. After acquainting us with a history of the Library, and touting some of its special features, including artwork, she overviewed the impressive archives housed in the Special Collections at the library. Among them, Thoreau's Survey of Walden Pond, a manuscript of Thoreau's Walking, and 2 chapters of Alcott's Little Women. In preparing for her talk, Voss found many references to Rotary and Rotarians in Special Collections. The Library would be a safe, climate controlled place for the Rotary Club to deposit their archives, and Voss recommended storing copies of photos, important documents, programs, minutes, etc. on a hard drive for safe keeping.
Voss served as archivist for the Rotary Club she belonged to in Urbana Illinois.