Taylor Donaldson, Intern and Volunteer Program Manager at the International Institute of New England (IINE) in Lowell, MA gave a very timely introduction to the work this agency is doing to help resettle Afghan refugees relocating to the area. Through her narrative and slide presentation, we learned of the many services IINE provides and how we may help. IINE  staff secures and sets up apartments, greets clients at the airport, administers cash assistance, and connects clients to services. They provide classes to teach English, and help with employment services and job skills training. Their legal staff assists clients with green cards, citizenship, family reunification and more. Already 60,000 evacuees have arrived in US, with the number expected to reach 95,000. Locally, most Afghan families settle in Lowell where there is already a substantial Afghan population. Taylor answered many thoughtful questions and suggested individuals help through a variety of volunteer and advocacy opportunities as well as providing financial support. Learn more at https://iine.org.