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The Concord Carlisle Community Chest's Executive Director Jennifer Ubaldino showed slides of the organization's vision, mission, and core values. Fulfilling its mission to engage our community to help neighbors in need, the Chest provided $475,000 in financial support to nonprofits, town agencies, individuals and local projects during its last fiscal year. Categories of support included elder services, mental health and physical disabilities, food, health, and safety, education and "targeted requests." Ubaldino explained that a citizen group of 20 individuals reviews applications and makes recommendations for the grants given by the Chest.  Currently the Chest is also involved in the Covid-related Concord Together Business Fund. The Rotary Club of Concord partners with many of the non-profits supported by the Chest.
On Nov. 12 Dara Kelly, Andrea Zall’s daughter and Paul Harris Fellow, spoke about a food security program she and a colleague have organized in her hometown of Brookline.  Through the schools’ social workers, they identified local families experiencing food insecurity and organized a creative response. They started a Go Fund Me account, raised funds to purchase meals at local restaurants that were delivered to the identified families. This approach helped both the kids AND their local businesses. And they are still at it.
Dara is owner of Peapod Fitness in Brookline and holds many certifications as a fitness instructor and master trainer. 
Brenda Gould, Ex. Dir. of Habitat for Humanity, Greater Lowell returned Nov. 5 to update us on the progress of the home Habitat is rebuilding as a two-family affordable residence in Concord. Unfortunately, due to Covid, RC of Concord's Pops/fundraiser for the home, was canceled. Brenda assured us that the project is well funded. At this point, Habitat needs to select the families before renovations can begin. Family selection will start next week. Brenda shared drawings of the project, noting that there will be a circular driveway with two parking places. If the water line to the house is more than 50 years old it must be replaced. Construction is scheduled to start in February. Due to Covid, projects have been behind schedule, as they follow strict Covid protocols. 
Oct. 29th's speaker was Anke Voss, Curator of Special Collections at the Concord Free Public Library. After acquainting us with a history of the Library, and touting some of its special features, including artwork, she overviewed the impressive archives housed in the Special Collections at the library. Among them, Thoreau's Survey of Walden Pond, a manuscript of Thoreau's Walking, and 2 chapters of Alcott's Little Women. In preparing for her talk, Voss found many references to Rotary and Rotarians in Special Collections. The Library would be a safe, climate controlled place for the Rotary Club to deposit their archives, and Voss recommended storing copies of photos, important documents, programs, minutes, etc. on a hard drive for safe keeping.
Voss served as archivist for the Rotary Club she belonged to in Urbana Illinois. 
Jamie Larsen inspired Rotarians at our Oct. Zoom meeting with her talk about Generus, an organization she founded and serves as CEO. Companies engage Generus to identify the causes employees care about and then create custom volunteer projects that employees work on together, inspiring teamwork and fostering good will in the workplace. Generus has identified many causes corporate groups can serve together, now virtually, including isolated older adults, hospitalized children and homeless families. They have designed interactive online events for occasions that cannot be held in person due to Covid. Congratulations Jamie for your creativity in showing companies how to inspire their employees to work together as a volunteer team to serve a cause they care about. Thanks Chris Alphen for introducing us to Jamie.
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